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Reception - Oak

Welcome to Oak Class.

Miss Davies - Class Teacher

Mrs Ball - HLTA

Mrs Mudd - TA - Thursdays

Special times - Christmas

This term we have enjoyed learning about special times and celebrations. We have been learning about why Christmas is an important time. We have taken part in our first school Nativity, which was a great success! The children enjoyed learning and making their own Christingles for our school Christingle service. 

Diwali Indian Music Workshop - November 2018

Art Show

Thank you to the parents that attended our end of term Art Showcase! The children were so proud of their creations and enjoyed sharing their learning with both family and their Year 6 buddies.

Head Teacher's Certificate

Head Teacher's Certificate 1
Well done to Tilly who received a Head Teacher's Certificate from Mrs Holt! She has been noticed for being polite and helpful around the school. 
Today Mrs Holt came into class and made bread rolls and a wheat sheaf with the children. The wheat sheaf will be taken to the church next Friday for the Harvest Service. We will not be attending the Harvest Church Service, however we will be holding our own celebration in school from 2:45pm. The children will be showcasing their beautiful art work and singing you a song. We look forward to seeing you!
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The children are really enjoying collecting acorns from the Oak tree! This has triggered lots of discussion about squirrels, nuts and Autumn. We have delved a little deeper into Autumn this week by learning about what Autumn is and how we know that it’s Autumn. The children have been looking for and collecting Autumn Treasurers, they have been making Autumn Stew and writing the recipes, they have been looking closely at different leaves, painting using conkers and have been making pumpkins out of play dough!

Our first full week at school 

Well, what a week it has been! I am so pleased with how well the children have coped with their first full week at school. 


We have also been making the most of the lovely weather! We have been tidying up our veggie patch and the children enjoyed pulling up the red onions and picking the corn on the cob. We talked about where fruits and vegetables come from and talked about what the roots are for. We talked about heating sweetcorn up and one of the children said they liked it on the BBQ. From that moment a group of them went away to create a bonfire to cook the corn. More and more children decided to join. We observed great collaborative play, good communication and language skills and fantastic social skills. Children were negotiating and compromising as well as planning, problem solving and enjoying their accomplishments.


We also visited the forest school. We explored the area looking for bugs and frogs. We played in the mud kitchen and made mud pies and some children collected logs to build a log pile house, inspired by the story of The Gruffalo.


Settling into school - Buddies

The reception children have all been buddied up with a Year 6 child. The Year 6 children come to Oak Class to play, they share stories and help the reception children on the playground at lunchtime. They help them find their friends, they show them where and how to line up and are there for them if they can't find someone to play with. The Year 6 children help the children walk down to church on First Friday and enjoy the responsibility. They all have signed their "Buddy Contract" which outlines their responsibilities:

They promise to:

- listen to their buddy

- be a good role model to their buddy and show them the right thing to do

- help their buddy


Settling into school

What a great start! Lots of children are coming to school with smiles on their faces and are beginning to learn the school routines. We have had a very busy couple of weeks learning each others names and becoming familiar with the classroom. We have enjoyed painting pictures of our family and sea lions, we have made kites on a windy day and created a dinosaur swamp. 

Why is play so important?

Why is play so important? 1