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Year 1 & 2 – Holly

We are Holly Class


Welcome to our class page. Keep your eyes open for photos of our learning and achievements. 


Mr Luke, Mrs Bowditch and Mrs Gardner

School Councillors


We have two Holly school councillors.  They are Lydia and William.

Picture 1

Number lines


We have been learning about number lines and their uses.  First we looked at the hundred square and how it was similar and different.  We then cut a hundred square up and turned it into a number was really long! We then learnt a number line is useful for:

  • counting in order
  • 1 more/ 1 less
  • greater than and less than
  • ordering numbers

Hopper Play


This week the Year Ones walked down to the village hall to enjoy the Hopper performance.  They had a great time and enjoyed a brilliant show.  They had mesmerised faces while they watched as they fell into the magic of the performance.  



We have been learning all about our topic...Whatever the Weather! The children have asked some questions they would like to find the answers to.  One of the questions was about clouds.  We have been looking at the different types of clouds and learning their names.  

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3



The children have been thinking of some questions relevant to our topic.  Over the next few weeks we will be looking into some of the answers to the you know any of the answers?

Tens and Ones


We have been learning about numbers and place value.  Partitioning numbers into tens and ones has helped us to understand which numbers are greater than, less than and equal to.  We have been making numbers and representing them in different ways.  Numicon, base ten and ten frames has helped to help make the learning hands on and real.



We won the attendance cup this week with 99.29% AMAZING! (w.b 17.09.18)

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We have been learning to count carefully in maths.  We have tried some 1:1 correspondence activities.  We have been looking at patterns and how many more and less are needed to make a complete set.