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Year 1 & 2 – Holly

We are Holly Class


Welcome to our class page. Keep your eyes open for photos of our learning and achievements. 


Mr Luke, Mrs Bowditch and Mrs Gardner

School Councillors


We have two Holly school councillors.  They are Lydia and William.

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We have been learning how to tell the time. We have learnt: o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to.

Magic Porridge Pot

Holly Class were given a magic porridge pot! We had fun tasting the porridge. We then learnt the story of the magic porridge pot by adding actions to the words and using role play. Then we created our own stories smiley.

Crime Scene!


We couldn't believe our eyes when we came back to school from the break to find that our classroom had been broken into and things ruined.  The suspect has left a few clues and we think we know who it might be.  What do you think?



We have been learning the value of different coins.  We can order them from the greatest to the least in value.  Also, we have been learning how to make amounts using different combinations of coins.

Rangoli Patterns


As part of our learning on India we have learnt about Rangoli patterns.  We have used our knowledge of shape and colour to create some of our own brilliant patterns.

Life in Chembakolli


In our geography learning we have been finding out about a village in India called Chembakolli.  We learnt the females have to carry heavy water from the well everyday so they have food to drink.  Sometimes this can be up to 15 litres.  To find out how this felt we carried a 5 litre container the length of the field.  

Rama and Sita


We had a trail of lights to follow after coming in from playtime.  We followed them up to the hall where we found a story, props and some Indian music waiting for us.  We read the story of Rama and Sita and drew pictures of the characters.

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Letters from a pirate friend


Captain Yellow Beard sent us a letter from his travels.  He has discovered a secret island and went to explore.  He found lots of different things on the island.  There were beautiful things, dangers and lots of different animals.

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Survival Kit


As part of our homework we had to pack a survival kit.  We had to think of all the things we would need to survive being stranded on a desert island.  Once we packed a bag we had to bring it into school and talk about each thing we had packed.

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As part of our learning in computing we have been using the iPads to give bee-bots commands.  Another useful way to learn how to write algorithms and de-bug.

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Treasure Maps


Miss Davies gave us some brown paper.  What better way to re-use the paper than to make some maps.  We used the map from Captain Yellow Beard to help us think of what might be on our own island.  We made; Shark Bay, Firetop Mountain, quicksand, Craggy Mountains, Coconut Grove and many more!

Colour Mixing


We have been learning about primary colours.  We used a colour wheel to mix the primary colours into secondary colours.  We will then be able to mix our own colours in our art lessons.

Golden Time!


This week we have been using the bee-bots in preparation to write algorithms.  We will be learning to give commands to the bee-bots and de-bugging them when they don't quite go where we thought.  In golden time we wanted to make some pirate themed things, some of us wanted to make pirate hats, others made a pirate ship out of duplo.

Walk the Plank!


A visitor came to our school today and left a message in a bottle for Holly class.  Inside was a map, a key and some instructions on how to find some hidden treasure.  We each had a map and followed the instructions very carefully, looking high and low around our school.  Thankfully no one was eaten by the sharks when we walked the plank!  Eventually we found the treasure hidden under a holly tree in the forest school.  Inside the treasure box were some golden coins and gems but also lots of chocolate coins too!  Afterwards we stayed in the forest school and dug around looking for more treasure.  Some of us even opened up our own pirate cafe.



We have been learning to add amounts together using the part part whole model to help us.  It shows us which are the smaller parts and how when added together they can make a bigger amount.  We have also learnt to be systematic when trying to find number bonds. 

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X2 Tables


We have been learning our two times tables.  To help us learn in a fun way we have been playing games.  Here we had to write out the multiples of 2 and then take them away and close the gap for our partner to find the missing number.



As part of the 50th anniversary of Christingle we made some of our own.  We used them as part of our Christingle Service with Rev. Eleanor.  Afterwards we did some writing about what each part of the Christingle represents.

Indian Music


We were very fortunate to be able to have a special visitor to our school.  He taught us lots of different names of the instruments found in Indian music.  We were allowed to play on the instruments and compose some music together.  It was great fun...especially the war horns.

Making 2D shapes


As part of our learning about 2D shapes we went to the forest school.  When we were there we had to use the sticks to make different 2D shapes.  We made a range of different shapes including; rectangle, triangle, square, hexagon, pentagon, and octagon.



As part of our learning in science we have been identifying different trees on our school grounds.  We found: alder, beech, oak, sycamore, birch, ash, rowan, maple, hawthorn and holly!

Carnival Mask


We have been asked to decorate a carnival mask for this year's carnival. The theme is space. Key stage one and reception class spent their time carefully decorating the mask for the carnival. Keep your eyes open and look out for our mask around Bridgwater shops and at the carnival.  I'm sure you agree the mask looks out of this world!!

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Number lines


We have been learning about number lines and their uses.  First we looked at the hundred square and how it was similar and different.  We then cut a hundred square up and turned it into a number was really long! We then learnt a number line is useful for:

  • counting in order
  • 1 more/ 1 less
  • greater than and less than
  • ordering numbers

Hopper Play


This week the Year Ones walked down to the village hall to enjoy the Hopper performance.  They had a great time and enjoyed a brilliant show.  They had mesmerised faces while they watched as they fell into the magic of the performance.  



We have been learning all about our topic...Whatever the Weather! The children have asked some questions they would like to find the answers to.  One of the questions was about clouds.  We have been looking at the different types of clouds and learning their names.  

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The children have been thinking of some questions relevant to our topic.  Over the next few weeks we will be looking into some of the answers to the you know any of the answers?

Tens and Ones


We have been learning about numbers and place value.  Partitioning numbers into tens and ones has helped us to understand which numbers are greater than, less than and equal to.  We have been making numbers and representing them in different ways.  Numicon, base ten and ten frames has helped to help make the learning hands on and real.



We won the attendance cup this week with 99.29% AMAZING! (w.b 17.09.18)

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We have been learning to count carefully in maths.  We have tried some 1:1 correspondence activities.  We have been looking at patterns and how many more and less are needed to make a complete set.