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Year 5 & 6 - Beech Class

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Our topic for this half-term will be: mystery writing.  We will start the topic by undertaking a Cluedo style drama activity. Our writing skills will focus on speech punctuation, how to use dialogue to convey a character and advance a story and how to use, "show not tell" to engage a reader.


Year 5 children will undertake a residential to Kilve and year 6 children will have their SAT exams starting Monday 13th May. 


Our P.E topics this term will be cricket and athletics.


For more information, please read the parents' newsletter, which is attached below.  


Check this page for regular up-dates of our work and adventures!

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Our school council representatives, for this year. 
As part of our work on plants, we have been planting seeds and observing how they grow. 
EDF visited Beech Class and taught us a little bit more about STEM subjects and their importance. 
As a school, we undertook a focus week based on: trees. We mixed in lots of writing, art and outdoor learning. It was great fun and enjoyed by all. 
We invited parents in so that the class could share what they had learnt and the work they had produced. 
We looked at typical recipes for flat bread that may have been used in ancient Egypt and then mixed it with a Change 4 Life healthy recipe. The children enjoyed the cooking, and most enjoyed the food!
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We started our new topic with an ancient Egypt escape room. However, it had a twist. The twist was, they had to get in, as opposed to out, of a tomb to discover what it contained. 


In teams, they had to solve puzzles based on ancient Egypt. All the information they needed was somewhere in the room. 


When all of the puzzles were solved, they had all of the information they needed to find the tomb and gain entry. 


It it gave us a good start to the topic and hopefully lots of enthusiasm to learn much more over the coming weeks. 

We visited The Museum of Somerset and took part in a workshop linked to The Monmouth Rebellion. It was very informative and great fun.
We visited Bridgwater College for a morning linked to STEM activities. It certainly increased their enthusiasm for the subjects.
We have been working on improving our water colour skills. The children did exceptionally well and produced some wonderful work. 
We visited Taunton School to take part in a mixed sports event. It was great fun and the children particularly enjoyed basketball and the climbing wall. 
As part of our computer programming, we have been creating games using Scratch. 
Our first topic lesson involved creating our solar system to scale. 

We also became the solar system. It is surprisingly difficult to spin and maintain your orbit path. However, it was exceptionally good at showing why the planets furthest from the sun, take so long to orbit it. They have so much further to travel. 

Our science lessons have included looking at the difference between weight and mass and the different speeds at which sound and light travel.  
Space art! Fun and a good way to consolidate some of the key learning.