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Year 5 & 6 - Beech Class

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Our first topic this year will be: Earth and Space. This will provide us with an excellent opportunity to learn more about our planet and its place within our solar system. It is a topic that will allow us to make lots of links to our reading, writing, science and art. 


Our P.E topics this term will be football and swimming. We will have a football lesson on a Monday and a swimming lesson on a Wednesday. Swimming will begin Wednesday 12th September. 


For or more information, please read the parents' newsletter, which is attached below.  


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Our school council representatives, for this year. 
Our first topic lesson involved creating our solar system to scale. 

We also became the solar system. It is surprisingly difficult to spin and maintain your orbit path. However, it was exceptionally good at showing why the planets furthest from the sun, take so long to orbit it. They have so much further to travel. 

Our science lessons have included looking at the difference between weight and mass and the different speeds at which sound and light travel.  
Space art! Fun and a good way to consolidate some of the key learning.