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Forest School sessions and learning

All our staff are Level 1 Forest School accredited. We were trained by the founder of Forest School in the UK, John Blaney.

We use Forest School to enhance all curricular areas, but also to get outdoors! Children learn so much about themselves when they step outside. Those who might not be experts in the classroom can shine and we can all explore the beautiful school grounds and wider local areas and get the very best from every child. Forest School creates memorable learning experiences. It takes children out of their comfort zone. It helps them to work together and find a voice. Forest school teaches children to take risks with adults overseeing their safety.

We also have a lunchtime Forest School group. This is a small group of children who find long lunch breaks hard to manage because of self-esteem or because they struggle with such a big open space and self-regulation over that time. We help them to succeed by running child-led sessions between 12:45 and 1:20pm. These are led by Teaching Assistants on a ratio of 2 adults to 6 children and are open to any child who needs this on the day.

We use the whole of the school grounds, not just the Forest School area. Sometimes children plant the raised beds, plant the playground planters with bulbs and flowers, clear leaves or draw together on a rainy day, but everybody enjoys getting outside!