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WC 6th JULY 2020

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WC 20th April 2020. 

Below is an example of the structure of the school day for Holly class pupils.  We have put some suggestions of things you can do in there.  Your child will not be able to manage 9-3 as in school.  1-2 hours is recommended per day.  One-to-one learning is very different to whole class teaching and group work.  

Have a week to have fun with your child.  Talk to them, play games, help them understand a little on what is going on.  Be practical, make things, bake things, tell them about when you were younger.  A happy child will learn.  


Also, being in the garden and growing is science!

Baking in the is maths!

Learning about different countries, our local is geography!

Using is computing!

Building something with is DT!

Writing instructions for is English!


You don't have to be sitting at the kitchen table every day.