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Reception & Year 1 - Oak

Summer 1

What a busy term we have had! This term our learning has been based around the theme of "superheroes" with our key learning question "Are there superheroes in Nether Stowey?"


We started the term by celebrating Superhero Day! We came to school dressed up as our favourite heroes, including the fictional superheroes like Batman and some real life heroes like nurses. The children took part in a day of superhero challenges. They had to take part in "Superhero Training" which included building strength, because we learnt that superheroes need to be fit and strong. The children worked together to create a superhero obstacle course in our outdoor area, which allowed them to demonstrate many of the superhero skills needed, such as strength, balance, coordination and agility! After that they had to use their powers to help save the toy superheroes from the ice. Many were frozen and the children had to use their scientific skills and knowledge to predict and observe what happened with they added salt, sugar, hot water and cold water to blocks of ice.


In English, our lessons have been focused around the text "Super Daisy and the Peril of Planet Pea." On Superhero Day, I came to school dressed up as Daisy from our class story. They were very impressed that I had managed to capture the perilous peas, however were surprised to find that they had ESCAPED part way through the day. This resulted in a hunt around the school for the perilous peas! We searched high and low, even in the kitchen (it was Roast Dinner Day too!). We could not believe that the perilous peas had started to infiltrate our lunch, including our chocolate cake puddings! The children decided to write and stick up posters and they went away and created their own traps.


The children have enjoyed the story of Super Daisy and have been inspired to design their own superheroes. We thought about the features of a superhero and the qualities that they need to possess. We discussed the different powers that they may have and used all of these ideas to create our very own superheroes. We designed our very own superhero hand puppets, we created them using different materials and then analysed them. We then used these as the character of our own stories. 


This week we are moving on a little and thinking about real heroes. People who are just like us! We have started to learn about the life of Grace Darling and will be thinking about how she is considered a heroine and why we remember her. We are thinking about how her life compares to ours and why we still talk about her today. 


Autumn 2


Last week was a very exciting week in Oak Class!


We arrived to school as normal on Monday. Not all was as it seemed! Mrs Ball and Miss O'Brien were knocked on the head by some rather strange ice eggs that seemed to have fallen from the sky. On inspection we found 3 baby aliens trapped in the ice. We looked closely at the ice and enjoyed trying to free the aliens by melting the ice. Later that day we had a mysterious phone call which we think was their Mummy. The line was a little crackly but we did hear the words PANTS, NAUGHTY and ALIENS! We put the aliens in a trap to make sure that they didn't cause too much trouble. Unfortunately they did escape and we could not find them anywhere! The children made their own missing alien posters and stuck them up around the classroom. Mrs Holt then sent us a distressed video message explaining that she couldn't find any underpants so we thought the baby aliens had snuck home with Mrs Holt!


The following day we heard some strange noises coming from outside. We went out to check and we found a right old mess! There were wires and pants everywhere. We think that there was a crash landing. There was even some alien poo! We received a letter explaining that Mummy alien had found 2 of the baby aliens, but one was still missing. We built traps which we left overnight. Frankie's trap caught the 3rd baby alien and luckily they are no longer causing any more trouble. Mrs Holt has now found her underpants....PHEW.  

It has been great to see so many children going home making alien traps at home and going away writing their own messages and notes for the aliens! We used this week as a "hook" into our new SPACE topic. 

Week 6

This week we have spent lots of time outside enjoying the lovely Autumnal weather. We have managed to get to the Forest School twice and the children really enjoyed looking for frogs and toads, making fishing rods, building dens and even using a bow saw to slice some wood! They also really liked stamping through the stream! Our theme in class last week was reuse and recycle to look after our world, so we reused plastic bags to create a new kite.


In Maths, we have been learning to compare numbers and have been using words such as "greater than" "bigger than" or "less than" "fewer". The year 1 children took this further and started using symbols < > to compare numbers. We have enjoyed playing lots of maths games using dominoes and dice, which help us to subitise numbers.


In English, we are continuing to use Here We Are to guide our lessons. The Reception children have enjoyed phonics and have now learnt - s a t p i. The Year 1 children have been revisiting or ow ur.


During our topic lessons we have have been thinking about changes and we really enjoyed looking at all of the baby photos! Thank you for sharing these with us. The children thought about how they had changed and thought about what they can do now that they couldn't do then.

Week 4

Our timetable has become a little more structured this week, with all children now taking part in Maths, English, Phonics and Topic. The Year 1 children also have daily handwriting lessons.


This week in Maths we have been learning how to match and sort objects into groups. We began by matching and grouping by colour but have extending this by identifying other characteristics for sorting such as shape, type etc. The children have sorting objects such as leaves and animals. Many of the children recognise lots of numbers, which is great. We now furthering this knowledge by looking at each number more deeply and thinking about how these numbers can be represented, either by objects or pictures.


In English, we are still focusing on the Here We Are text. We have been really focusing on the page about people. We have been learning about how we are all people, although we do look different to one another. We have thought about what people need to survive and discussed how we look after our bodies. We also had a very special visitor - Mr Boney, our resident skeleton. The children have been fascinated by him and have had many questions about him! We created our own "People" display in class and the children created the most beautiful pictures of themselves using oil pastels. What an artistic bunch! We thought very carefully about the colours we used.


Reception and Year 1 are taught separately for phonics. Year 1 children have been reviewing phase 3 sounds such as igh oo oa. Reception children are focusing on hearing and identifying initial (first) sounds in words.


We also had an African Land Snail, Bruce Lee come to visit us, which the children very much enjoyed!


This week Ivy has received our superstar certificate for making wonderful progress with her reading, in just 4 weeks! Well done Ivy!

Welcome Back!


The children are so happy to be in school and are really getting used to each other and the school routines. This week we have been playing lots of games to help build relationships and help develop a sense of class community. The children have really enjoyed playing class games such as Duck Duck Goose, Fishy Fishy and Bears Like Honey. All of these games are really good for developing listening and attention, turn taking and physical development. They have also helped us to learn each others names too.


We have spent some time talking about keeping ourselves and others safe. This includes things like being kind and caring to one another, keeping our classroom tidy so that we don't fall over toys and we discussed the importance of good hand washing.


Some of the popular activities this week were: using paintbrushes and water to make marks on the playground and riding the class scooters and bikes! The children are also really enjoying the Mud Kitchen and Craft Area!


The Year 1 have also started the whole school topic - Here We Are, based on the book by Oliver Jeffers. They have enjoyed exploring the world around them and have been searching for wonderful treasures around the school. We found blackberries, different leaves, acorns, pine cones, catkins, feathers, tomatoes, wild flowers, poppy heads and even potatoes! We have also enjoyed lots of time in the forest school searching for beautiful, natural goodies that we can describe and compare. We did have a little fire and warmed up some water for hot chocolate!