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Reception & Year 1 - Oak

We are delighted to welcome you to our Oak Class page.


Class Teacher: Mrs Ball

Class TA: Miss Green


Oak Class comprises of both Reception and Year 1 children.

We enjoy our learning through a combination of direct whole class teaching, adult led small group activities and child-initiated learning through continuous provision linked to children's interests and whole class focus.


You are invited to explore our page to see what we have been up to this year so far.


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Albie and Jack 


Cycle to school day


Today we all brought our bikes or scooters to school.

We talked about being safe when we are on our bikes by making sure we wear a helmet, use our brakes correctly and by being aware of other road users and pedestrians. 

We enjoyed finishing the day with riding our bikes and scooters around a circuit course with twists, turns and roundabouts to practice or braking skills and awareness of others.  

Seasonal Walk


In science we have been exploring the weather and how the weather changes depending on the season.  We have been looking at the order the seasons occur and the time scale for the cycle to complete.  We investigated why we have longer daylight hours in the Summer than the Winter and the impact the seasons have on a tree and the animals living in the UK.

We went on a seasonal walk around the village to observe what impact the season of Autumn has had upon our immediate environment.  

Coleridge Cottage 


We visited Coleridge Cottage in Nether Stowey village.

We had a lovely time exploring the cottage and learning how Samuel Coleridge lived with his wife Sarah.

We saw where he wrote his poetry, slept and sat for inspiration in front of the cosy fire.

We had a go at using a quill to complete mark making and writing our names.

We were all very surprised to find out that there were no cars or phones when he was alive.

This visit has given us some inspiration to write our own class poem.

Explorer Dome

We enjoyed our visit to the Explorer Dome to start our topic of 'Ice Explorers' this half term.

We learnt about the different environments on planet earth and how animals survive in their different habitats. 

Remembrance Day

We spent time in class today being thankful to those people who have and still do protect us.

We discussed why we have poppies and the children asked if they could make their own.  We spent the morning making our poppies and then took part in the 2 minutes silence at 11 am.  

Antarctica Trip

Today we had a wonderful morning traveling to Antarctica as the start of our research of penguins during English lessons.
We collected our passports and went through passport control. The children were so good at lining up and waiting patiently as each child went through security.
We then collected our boarding numbers, found our seats and took off on our journey. We enjoyed our inflight snacks and views of Antarctica as we landed.
Once there we wrapped ourselves up warm for our search of penguins and the children were delighted to have found 6 penguins, including one penguin eating fish fingers in the kitchen!
Once back on the plane we snuggled up for our inflight entertainment, hot chocolate and squash as Antarctica was rather cold!
I hope you enjoy looking through our holiday snaps. :)


We have been spending time learning how to programme simple software.

First, we explored how we can use directional language to move our partner from one area to another using the language, forwards, backwards, left and right.  (And hand signals).

Next, we explored a Code-a-pillar together to identify what it did and how we connect the instruction and what action the instructions were.

Then we worked in groups to programme our own Code-a-pillars to see where they would go with the instructions we added.

We then extended our coding knowledge to programme our Code-a-pillars to get to a specific end point.  We had to use trial and error to achieve this and think carefully which direction we wanted our Code-a-pillars to go.

We finished with evaluating our experiences and discussed what we learnt

Our new topic this half term

Great Fire of London workshop

We explored how the Great Fire of London started, how it was recorded and how the great fire was put out.  We also enjoyed making bread as if we were the bakers in Pudding Lane.

Great Fire of London Science 

We have been identifying the different materials that are around us, categorising and sorting them into man-made and natural materials.    

We then conducted an experiment to see which material (straw, wood or stone) would be fireproof and suitable to build a house after the Great Fire of London.

We concluded that stone was fireproof and would be the best material to build a fireproof house. 

Somerset Road Safety 

Today we enjoyed a visit from the Somerset Road Safety team who supported our understanding of being safe on the roads ensuring that we cross the roads safely and that we are safe on car journeys.  The children enjoyed this session learning some valuable skills of staying safe while out and about.  

Easter Story

We have been learning about why we celebrate Easter this week.  We discussed what we already know about Easter and then learned the Easter story through 'Godly Play'.  We created our own Easter story role play garden so the children can retell the story in their own words.  We also finished off with making our own palm crosses.  

Happy Easter from Oak Class!