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Miss Davies - Class Teacher

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Mrs Cann - 1:1 TA

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School Council - Say 'hello' to our Year 1 School Councillors!

English Week

This week the children have thoroughly enjoyed a whole school English week.


It began with a whole school "Cluedo " inspired treasure hunt based upon the book "Each Peach Pear Plum" in which classes had to solve the clues to find out which character was missing. They then had to visit different parts of the school to find the characters. We worked together to find The Three Bears, Cinderella, Mother Hubbard, Robin Hood and many more! We had to look closely at the picture clues to help us as well and recall what we could remember from the story as well as having to try and rhyme! At the end of the game we all met in the hall and ate Plum Pie and custard!


The rest of the week we focused on the story of The Gingerbread Man. We made gingerbread that we enjoyed decorating and eating, we made puppets and our own little books that helped us to retell the story, focusing on using story language and expression. We had a visitor during the week, but we weren't too sure who! We had to look closely at the clues and had to link the clues together. 

Class Trip - Woodlands Forest School

We had a great time in the forest for our very first school trip. For many of us it was the first time that we had been on a coach! We enjoyed making "Rocking Robins" and bird feeders, as well as playing lots of listening games. We particularly enjoyed losing Miss Davies and having to try and find her. We also enjoyed learning about how to keep safe around fire and needed to use this when we toasted marshmallows! 

Cold place adventure!

We enjoyed a cold place adventure this week. The children were invited to bring a bag for a very important adventure. They needed to fill their bags with items that they would need for a trip to a cold place. We then headed off to The Antarctic on an "aeroplane" and explored this cold place. The children enjoyed creating passports, finding their seat numbers and sharing their belongings with their friends. Some of the children brought in sticks to make a fire, a torch so that they could see, porridge and tea bags to heat them up and a compass to navigate!


Winter Welly Walk

We started this topic off by going on a Winter Welly Walk around our local village. We searched for signs of winter, finding many trees without leaves! We talked about why this happens and how the weather changes in Winter. We asked questions such as "do all trees lose their leaves in winter?", "does the sun shine in Winter?" , "does it always snow in winter?" and "do we need to wear sunglasses in Winter?". Many of us thought that all trees lost their leaves in winter and many of us thought that wearing sunglasses in winter was a silly idea! But we found out that we can have sunny days during this season and that we might need sunglasses! We learnt lots of new words such as "evergreen" and "deciduous". We came back and enjoyed a hot chocolate to warm us up! 

Cold Places

This term our topic is all about cold places. We will be learning about our village in Winter and talking about seasonal changes. We will learn about how the world changes around us during different seasons. We then will compare our local place to a cold place far away - The Antarctic. We will talk about similarities and differences and think and learn about the animals that live in this cold place. 


The children are making great progress with their number skills. We have been learning to recognise different representations of number and comparing these. Year 1 children have been using symbols to compare groups and learning to put numbers on an empty number line. Reception children are also comparing groups and are learning to use mathematical vocabulary such as most and fewest. They are also working really hard to apply 1:1 counting principle. 



We are really working on negotiating space and making sure that when we run we don't bump into things! The children have really enjoy playing class games such as "Fishy Fishy" and "Sun and Ice", games involving running and tagging. They have to work together to follow the rules and apply the skills they have been learning to avoid colliding into each other. They have been really careful when they tag each other and have enjoyed learning some new games that the can play during playtime. 


We have also used this time to do some whole class meditation. We are enjoying being still and using this time to tune into our bodies. We have been discussing this as a strategy to help us feel calm if we ever feel angry, worried or scared. 

Our Topic - Sticks and Stones


This topic is led by our Power of Reading text "Stanley's Stick". We have spent two weeks getting outside and exploring sticks. We have found out where sticks come from and that they were once part of something tall and grand. We have been on stick hunts, searching for sticks that look different to each other. We have used words to describe what sticks look like, how they feel and talked about how sticks can be similar and different. We have worked collaboratively to create pieces of art using trees and worked together to create poems. We are learning that sticks are very versatile! We have used sticks to make magical wands, natural sparklers, bonfire sparklers, write letters, create poppies for Rememberance Day and to make kites! 


The children also have learnt about how to keep themselves safe when playing with sticks. They have created their own stick safety posters. 


We will be continuing to use our imaginations and vocabulary to discuss and share our own ideas. In the story, Stan's stick is not just a stick. We will be visiting the forest school and making our own natural paintbrushes using sticks. We will also be using sticks as part of our scientific investigations - creating STEM log pile houses and investigating if sticks can float. We will also be using our sticks as a "Journey Stick" later in the topic. 

Our Topic - Ruby's Worry - Wonderful Me!

We have been learning about what a worry is and where we find our worries. We have talked about how we all have worries and that we cannot see anyone else's worry. We have talked about how our worries can make us feel and that worries live inside our heads and that sometimes they can travel down to our belly and make us feel a little bit sick.


The children explored different facial expressions and talked about the different feelings that worries give us. We also made our own worry pom poms.


We have used Art to really explore character and have been linking our own experiences to the text. 

Our Learning - Topic - Wonderful Me!

Our class Power of Reading text 'Ruby's Worry' is leading our class topic - Wonderful Me. It also links nicely to Healthy Heart Day. We have been learning about different parts of our bodies and our senses. We have taken part in listening hunts and food tasting. We have talked about how we look and if we look similar or different to others. We have shared our likes and dislikes. 


On Healthy Heart Day we learnt about where our heart is and what our heart does. We have had a real focus on learning about our feelings and emotions. We have shared things that make us feel angry and worried. We learnt some strategies that we can use to help us calm down, such as belly breathing. We listened to our heart beats and had a go at beating a drum. We talked about how our heart beat can change if we feel scared, nervous or angry! We read the book "The Colour Monster" and used our big belly breaths to help make our very own colour monsters using paint


We also talked about different foods that we can eat that help us have a strong heart. The children wrote their own recipes and made their very own smoothies. They selected their own pieces of fruit and used the blender to blitz the ingredients. We picked apples from our own garden and blackberries from the bushes at the Forest School!

Our Learning - Writing

We are very busy learning how to write our names! Some of us can write our name without having to copy, which we could not do just two weeks ago! We are spending lots of time strengthening our muscles in our bodies, particularly our hands, so that we are strong enough and ready to write. We have enjoyed daily 'Dough Disco' sessions, as well lots of fine motor activities. 


We have been busy writing smoothie recipes and writing letters to our Power of Reading character Ruby. Many of us enjoy writing within our own play too! 


We have spent lots of time on learning to hear initial sounds this week. 

Our Learning- Numbers

We are learning about numbers and what numbers can look like. We have been learning about numbers 1 -5 and how we can represent these numbers in different ways. Some of us have even made our own 'Number Blocks' using cubes and printed numicon. We have spent some time learning how to count objects carefully. 


The Year 1 children have also been looking at representing numbers in different ways as well as investigating what happens to numbers when we count forwards and backwards. 

Settling into school - Buddies

The reception children have all been buddied up with a Year 6 child. The Year 6 children come to Oak Class to play, they share stories and help the reception children on the playground at lunchtime. They help them find their friends, they show them where and how to line up and are there for them if they can't find someone to play with. They will all be signing their "Buddy Contract" which outlines their responsibilities:

They promise to:

- listen to their buddy

- be a good role model to their buddy and show them the right thing to do

- help their buddy




The children are really settling into school life! We are busy learning names, rules and expectations in the classroom. We have enjoyed playing in the new mud kitchen and have been super busy making potions, which usually involve turning Miss Davies into a FROG! We also have liked playing in the sand and water trays, scootering on the scooters and hearing some wonderful stories. 


Keep your eyes to come soon!