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Reception & Year 1 - Oak

Spring 1

This term the children have thoroughly enjoyed our "Roaming the Rainforest" topic. We have spent the term learning all about the different creatures that live in the Amazon Rainforest! We loved finding out that Pink River Dolphins live there and we enjoyed watching sloths, spider monkeys and jaguars on the Interactive Whiteboard. In English the children wrote about their favourite creatures and the Year 1 children created their own Non- Chronological Reports. They also enjoyed writing and reading their own rainforest riddles! We enjoyed learning lots of new vocabulary including camouflage, habitat, predators, dangerous, endangered to name a few! In Science we classified animals and in Geography we learnt about what a rainforest is and how they compare to forests in our local area. We enjoyed visiting "Stowey Woods" and discussed the similarities and difference between it and the Amazon. We were disappointed, but not surprised, to not see sloths and jaguars! However we did see daffodils, squirrels, a dog and a cat. 

Autumn 1

Wow what a busy term! This term our topic was called Marvellous Me. As part of a broad and balanced curriculum, we took part in many lessons such as Music, History, Geography, RE, PSHE, PE, English and Maths! 


Our class text was The Invisible by Tom Percival. We learnt about settings and used the setting of the city to lead our Geography lessons. We learnt about how cities are different to villages and compared London to Nether Stowey. We found human and physical features in our local environment and we followed a map on a real bear hunt around our village. We enjoyed learning about London and even had a "virtual" journey to visit The Queen! In Science we have been learning about our bodies and our senses. We enjoyed exploring taste, sound, touch, smell and sight and spent some time labelling parts of our bodies. 


In RE and PSHE we have been learning about who we are, who is important to us, who can help us, why we are special and that we are all different. We also visited St Mary's Church and met Reverend Eleanor. We enjoyed hearing the story about the lost coin and enjoyed a squash and a biscuit together.


In English we talked about and wrote about things that make us feel happy. We worked together to create a happiness list poem! We hope it makes you smile. We enjoyed dressing up in yellow to celebrate the end of term and to spread positivity and happiness across the school. :) 

Welcome Back!


The children are so happy to be in school and are really getting used to each other and the school routines. We have spent some time talking about keeping ourselves and others safe. This includes things like being kind and caring to one another, keeping our classroom tidy so that we don't fall over toys and we discussed the importance of good hand washing.