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The Wild Robot Escapes

I will continue to read The Wild Robot Escapes. Here you will be able to hear voice recordings of the next couple of chapters. I hope you will continue to enjoy the story as much as you have in class. Listen carefully, as I may set a challenge or two at the end of a recording. 



Have a look at everyone's predictions before you listen to the next couple of chapters.

Chapter 38 & 39

Chapter 36 part 2 & 37

Chapter 36 Part 1.mp3

Chapter 35.mp3

Chapter 34.mp3

Chapter 32 & 33.mp3

Chapter 31.mp3

Chapter 30.mp3

Chapter 29

Chapter 26-28

Chapter 25 & 26

Chapter 24.wma

Chapter 23.wma

Chapter 21 & 22

Chapter 20.wma

chapter 19.wma

Chapter 18.wma

Chapter 17