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COVID-19: Home Learning

Google Classroom - Please Read


Below I have attached instructions on how to access Google Classroom. I am using this as a way to set work and communicate with the children.


I will set work for most days in the way of an assignment or a quiz. Children will be able to submit what they have completed, where I will then be able to mark and feedback. There is also an area where you will be able to send me a message or ask a question and I will be able to respond. 


Google Classroom will work on most devices as it is a web based app alternatively you can download the Google Classroom app on phones and tablets. 


The office emailed/messaged children's passwords out to you before Easter. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with the school if you have any problems and I will do my best to help you anyway I can. 

Below is a rough guide of a weekly timetable - please don't feel you have to follow this exactly, it's just a guide. I have put some suggestions of things you can do in there and don't forget to look in the tabs below, I will be updating them regularly. Home learning will be very different to whole class teaching and group work therefore your child will probably not be able to manage 9-3 as in school. 1-2 hours is recommended per day.


Also, being in the garden and growing plants... it is science!

Baking in the kitchen, timing challenges... it is maths!

Learning about different countries, our local environment... it is geography!

Using technology... it is computing!

Building something with boxes or lego... it is DT!

Writing instructions for designs, or a recipe... it is English!


You don't have to be sitting at a table every day.