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Year 1 & 2 – Holly

Holly Class Key Skills

In maths the Y2 children have been learning all about money. They have been making the an amount in lots of different ways.

In science we have been investigating materials. Looking at what they are made from and also why they are good for their purpose.

In art we have been looking at buildings and viewing them from different perspectives. We then sketched them looking at the different shapes and lines.

The Great Fire of London 1666. As part of our wow starter/hook into our new learning we had a day of exploring different aspects of the Great Fire of London. We had a visitor in who brought resources and artefacts for us to explore. We were able to dress up, write with a quill, create a timeline and make bread.

To help support our love of reading, some children have been bringing in their favourite book they would like to read to the class.

In Y2 the children have been learning to add 2 one-digit numbers where they have to partition 10. They need to partition a number to make 10, then add the other part on. It is very important we know our number bonds first which is why we learn them well in Y1.

In English, we had some mysterious items arrive in our classroom. They linked to a book that we have learned about called Lost and Found. We have to use our knowledge in different areas to work out what they items would be used for.

In computing we have been learning how to write code. We have used code-a-pillar to help us. Each part is a different code. When the code is not correct we have to de-bug it and try again.

We worked together in the morning maths activity to complete a seasons puzzle. This is maths and science, we also needed our team work skills to be able to put it together.

We have looked and learned about countries where we come from. Some of us have helped to decorate the classroom with Ukrainian flags.

We have been learning the properties and 2D shape names. We have fun using lollipop sticks to create some of our own regular and irregular shapes.

In science, we have been putting our senses to the test. We have been experimenting and experiencing using our senses to identify different foods. It was not as easy as we thought.

We have started to learn about 3D shapes. We used cocktail sticks and blue tac to make some of the shapes we have been learning about.

After our science walk to look for signs of autumn we used the powder paints to mix warm colours to match the things we found. We also had a table for independent observational drawings which we put into our sketch books.

We took a local trip to Coleridge Cottage to see where he lived and get inspiration for our own poems. We learnt about his history and how he wrote poems. Afterwards we used all our learning about autumn to inspire our poems.

We have been using the card game TRUGS to improve our blending skills when reading words. We try and sound out in our heads and just say the word. It is fun to play a game and learn.

We had a great day bringing in our bikes and riding them around a specially made course on the school field. And even more fun having an expert talk to us about his bike and what he does.

Helen from SCARF came to talk to us about our bodies and why it is important to look after ourselves. We also got to meet Harold the giraffe.

We have been using base ten to help with our understanding of two digit numbers.

In maths we have been learning new vocabulary. We have been using cubes to demonstrate how to use the signs; less than, greater than and equal to.

We have been using 'Number Stacks' to support us with our understanding of numbers 11-20 and how to write them correctly.

We have been learning how to use powder paint. We used the primary colours and mixed water into the powder to make paint. Next time, we will use this skill to mix primary colours to make secondary colours.

We are Holly Class


Welcome to our class page. Keep your eyes open for photos of our learning and achievements. 


Mr Luke, Miss Cole and Mrs Thorne.