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Year 1 & 2 – Holly

We are Holly Class


Welcome to our class page. Keep your eyes open for photos of our learning and achievements. 


Mr Luke, Miss Davies, Mrs Gardner and Miss Harris.

School Council


We have been chosen by the class to be Holly class school council.

Home Learning


Over the next two weeks our topic is fairy tales.  If you are home learning with your child then here are some of the things you can do to ensure your child does not fall behind.

  • Read fairy tales
  • Writing letters to different fairy tale characters
  • Capacity (volume - full, half full, empty, litres, millilitres)
  • Weight (mass - light, ligher, lightest, heavy, heavier, heaviest, gram, kilogram)
  • Length (long, longer, longest, short, shorter, shortest, tall, taller, tallest, centimetre, metre)
  • Place value of numbers (tens and units/ones - e.g. 45 = 4 tens and 5 ones, 45 = 3 tens 15 ones, 45 = 2 tens 25 ones, 45 = 1 ten 35 ones, 45 = 45 ones).
  • Money - learning the names of different coins and notes, and the value of each.



We have been ensuring we wash our hands more thoroughly.  We conducted an experiment to find out what happens when we do not wash our hands and what happens when we use soap.  Some of the children were quite shocked at how well the soap 'made the germs run away!'.



Build your house of sticks


Using our knowledge of materials we worked together to make a house to save our little playdough pig.  The house had to be strong enough to withstand a strong wind using only the materials we had available.  There were many different ways to join our materials and we had to find which one was the must suitable.  

I'll huff and I'll puff


The children used whiteboards to create a breeze to try and blow the houses down.  Out of 15 houses only 4 blew down.  We made playdough pigs to put inside and had to keep them safe!

Palm Sunday


We have been learning the story of Easter in our weekly RE lessons.  Today we created palm leaves and acted out Jesus arriving into Jerusalem on the donkey.  We waved our palm leaves and cheered as he arrived.  Over the weeks we will be learning the events of the story.

Book Week


On our return to school we have been learning about the traditional tale, 'The Three Little Pigs'.  We acted out the story and created our own books that there displayed in the village library.  The children loved getting creative and getting fully immersed in the tale.

Tudor Houses


We have designed and made some Tudor houses that would have been around in London at the time of 1666.  We used boxes and then added detail to make them look realistic.  Afterwards, we evaluated our houses and said what we liked about them and how we could improve.  In English we have been writing instructions so that someone else would know how to make them.

Greater than and Less than


We continue to use our knowledge on numbers and amounts by comparing them.  We use the greater than, less than and equal to signs to help show our understanding.  It is very important we understand place value to support us with manipulating bigger numbers later on in the year.  

Chalk and Silhouette


We looked at some landscape work by the famous artist, Van Gogh.  We used his art work on landscapes to create our own effective pieces of art.  Using chalks we combined different hot colours and blended them together to create a fierce and fiery scene.  

Water Chain


During The Great Fire of London, people would make chains and pass a bucket down the line to each other.  The person on the end would be responsible for throwing water from the River Thames onto the fire.  As you can imagine, this was a dangerous job for someone as they would have been so close to the fire.


Still image for this video

The Great Fire of London Workshop


We had a visitor come to visit our class.  She taught us all about The Great Fire of London.  We learnt how it started, where it started, how many people died and also how the fire was eventually put out.  It was great fun using quills and ink to write, just like Samuel Pepys did when he wrote in his diary.  We also got to look at some artefacts from the time of the fire and get to dress up in clothes that would have been worn in 1666.  Then we went onto the playground to make a fire chain and pass water down the line to throw onto an imaginary fire.  It was a great morning with lots and lots of learning.

Where the Wild Things Are


As part of our learning on our Power of Reading text 'Where the Wild Things Are', we wanted to have a wild rumpus.  To fully embrace the experience, we designed, made and evaluated some masks to help us become the wild things ourselves.  We later performed to parents and showed off some of our other learning based on the book.



We have read a book called 'George saves the day by lunchtime'.  I made us think about our own superhero powers.  We wrote some descriptions of our powers onto our capes and then went for a fly around the playground.

The value of 10


We have been learning all about the number ten and what its value is.  We have helped the maths monkeys learn that 1 ten is equal to 10 ones.



We have been learning how to make and use numberlines.  We created our own from 11-20 and then used resources to make the amounts to match the numerals.  

  • Numberlines are lines with numbers on.
  • The numbers are in order.
  • They are ordered from smallest to greatest.

Healthy Living


We have been learning about the importance of a healthy diet on our bodies.  We made some hummus and guacamole and then tasted them to see if we liked them.  It was good fun making and tasting them.

10 things I can do to help my world


We have been learning how to look after our world.  We have made a class book with our ideas to show others what they could do too.

1:1 Correspondence


In maths we have been learning to play games to match objects, checking that there is enough for each many more would be needed or if there would be more than needed.

Dinosaur homes


Some of us made some homes for our dinosaurs.  We used some of the old banana leaves to create habitats.



We used special goggles that blocked out the light.  Then we had to use our sense of touch to work out what was in the box.  Some of the things felt smooth, bumpy or scratchy.

Greater and Less than


We have learning about greater and less than.  We have used the different signs to make our sentences correct.  When we got really good at it we were able to use the signs with different number sentences.  

Bird Feeders


As part of our learning around our class book '10 things I can do to help my world', we have made some bird feeders.  We looked at different designs of bird feeders and made some in class.  We then put them around the school to help attract the birds.  

Our first few days of fun!


Welcome back to school, Holly Class!


So far this week, we have...


- written about our holidays

- told lots of jokes

- drawn around our bodies and labelled all the parts

- practiced what to do if there was a fire alarm

- gone fishing

- made musical instruments and started our own Forest School rock band


Phew! What a busy and brilliant first few days at school - well done Holly Class!