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Year 2 & 3 - Ash

Ash Class

Welcome to our class page. The adults working in Ash Class this year will be:

Miss Davies - class teacher

Miss Harris - teaching assistant

Mrs Cann - 1:1 teaching assistant 

T-shirt design

We have been learning about different women who have changed the world, such as Coco Chanel, Vivienne Westwood and Frida Kahlo. We took an old t-shirt and created a new design for it. Then, we drew, ironed and tie-dyed them to create the finished product!

Maths in action

We have spent some time on Thursdays learning how to measure, what measurements we can use and where we can find right angles. It turns out they are everywhere!


We learnt out to create a computer code to send the Code-a-pillars on a journey through a fairy tale forest!

Experimenting with plants

We planted some beans and hoped they would grow as tall as the castle if we looked after them and gave them what they needed. We kept a bean diary to track their progress. We also looked at flowers and placed them in different colour water to see how the stems transport the water around the plant.

Traditional Tales Week

We spent a whole week reading, exploring, drawing, making, planting and acting… all based around lots of different traditional tales! Some of the tales were set in India, some were set in Kenya and some were even set in space! We managed to read over 30 different stories… what a week!


As part of our topic ‘What is it like to live in the rainforest?’ we have been learning about different habitats. We took a trip down to Forest School to discover some of the different plants and animals that live in microhabitats there.

Savannah Animal Masks

In DT, we designed, made and evaluated masks based on animals found in the African Savannah. We used our masks as part of our dance in PE too!

Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm

We took a trip to the zoo to see some of the animals we have been learning about in real life!


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What is amazing about Africa?

At the start of our topic, we found a tent in our classroom! It was filled with clues about where it had come from including binoculars, a lion, a map, suncream and sand!

We put the clues together and worked out that it was from Africa! This is the continent we will be learning about this half term. 

Making ‘Perfectly Normal’ Wings!

We have been reading ‘Perfectly Norman’ in which Norman grows a pair of amazing wings… so we designed and made our own! 

Bodies and bones!

As part of our ‘Marvellous Me’ topic, we have been learning about what our bodies need to stay healthy and how they can – literally! – support us. We thought about what our bones do, where they are and how we can look after them. We drew around each other and labelled as many bones as we could.

Our Worry Monster.

Our Worry Monster helps us feel better when we are worried about something. We write down our worry, pop it in his tummy and he eats them up! Sadly, he had his own worry today about missing his friend. We thought about how to help him and wrote him some cards and letters containing our advice.

Making Music

Mrs Thompson came to help us begin our new music lessons. We learnt how to find the pulse, keep the beat and even how to use the instruments to play along to a song!

Mystery Wings!

Some mysterious wings arrived for Ash Class this week. We thought about who they could be from, why they gave them to us and what we could do with them. It turned out the belonged to Norman, from our new class story ‘Perfectly Norman’.

Village Walk

As part of our learning in geography, we took a walk around the village to spot human and physical features. We saw some beautiful views, waved at the children on the playground at school and even spotted the cranes at Hinkley Point!