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Year 2 & 3 - Ash

We are Ash Class

Welcome to our class page. The adults working in Ash Class this year will be Miss Gallimore - teacher and Miss Harris and Mrs Cann- Teaching Assistants.

Home Learning


Over the next two weeks our class will be learning about fairy tales.  If you are home learning here is some learning we will be covering in class that you can complete with your child.

  • Multiplication and division, learning about the inverse.  E.g. if 6x2=12, 2x6=12 then 12/2=6, 12/6=2.
  • Timestables and division facts. Year 2s - 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s. Year 3s - 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 8s and 10s.
  • Fairy tale character description using conjunctions (and, or, because, but, if, so, when) and expanded noun phrases (sharp claws, long golden hair etc).
  • Describing an unnamed character to read aloud for someone to guess.
  • Reading.
  • Discussing and answering questions about stories they have read or been read to them (How is the character feeling? Why do you know that? What could happen in the next book if the author made a sequel? Ordering events that have happened)
  • Spelling common exception words.
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Picture 1



We were given some instructions today to make some magical potions. We used our Maths skills to measure out the ingredients. 



We had a fabulous time following the clues around school. The clues were all linked to the story Each Peach Pear Plum. It ended with us eating plum pie in the school hall with everyone!

The Friendly Robot

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A big thank you to everyone who came to our Robot Showcase, we hope you enjoyed seeing all of our amazing learning. Thank you parents for all of your support.

Natural Robots


We made robots today. We were only allowed to use items found on the school field or on the floor in forest school. We were also allowed glue, scissors and string from class. We started of by designing our robots, looking at shapes and what we needed to collect. Afterwards we went and looked for what we would need. Once we had finished collecting our items we then went back to class to start making. It was quite tricky but we kept tinkering with our ideas until we got there!


Our robots will be on show during our 'robot showcase' on Thursday 13th February at 2pm in the school hall.

ICT - Coding


We have been looking at how to code using simple commands of forward, backwards, right and left.



We had a special visitor this afternoon. Mr Ball brought his robot in to show us. He made it out of LEGO Mindstorms and it is programmed to solve a Rubiks cube!

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Solving the Rubiks cube

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The moment it was solved!

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We have been looking at materials and how their properties can change. We tried to make cotton wool balls into cotton thread by spinning and stretching.

We the Curious


We all had a fabulous time at We the Curious on Friday!

Making Music

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Robot Wars

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Giant Marble Run

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Time capsule


When we were in forest school we found a time capsule! Inside there was clues we had to work out, we think they link to our Hall of Fame topic and are clues to Poole and Coleridge.



We have been looking at poems about food this week. We looked at the words the authors chose and how they needed to be performed.

Toaster Time By Eric Merriam

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Soggy Greens by John Cunliffe

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Sounds Good! by Judith Nicholls

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Sugarcake Bubble by Grace Nichols

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Porridge is Bubbling by Anon

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Peas by Anon

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Spaghetti! Spaghetti!


To start our English poetry learning we looked at a poem all about spaghetti. Before reading the poem we played with cooked spaghetti, describing how it felt, smelt and looked.



We have been finding different ways to make a set amount using coins.



We had a great time at the triathlon running, jumping and dancing. 

Taunton Museum Workshop


We had a great time this morning. We had a visitor from Taunton museum come and talk to us about Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale. We were able to dress up and pretend we were in the Scutari Hospital, look into suitcases which contained items that Mary or Florence would have packed and match pictures to the correct sentence.

Research Presentations


Thank you to everyone who was able to come and see our presentations. The children were fantastic. 

Golden Time


The children voted to try the apple game for golden time this week.

Chrome books


We have been learning how to log on and use the new chrome books this week.



Our English learning has been based around the book The Magic Finger by Roald Dahl. We have been acting out parts of the story to help us retell the story.

Village walk


For our topic we are looking at significant individuals of History. The children chose to look at Poole, Coleridge, Wordsworth and Davy. We went on a village walk to see if we could find any clues about why they are our school houses.

Team Building


We had to try and get across the playground without stepping off the paper. It was quite tricky as the wind kept trying to blow the paper away.

School Councillors


We have been chosen by our class to be Ash Class School Councillors.

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