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Year 2 & 3 - Ash

Ash Class

Welcome to our class page. The adults working in Ash Class this year will be:


Mrs Legg - class teacher

Miss Harris - teaching assistant

Miss O'Brien - 1:1 teaching assistant

Traditional Tales


Some clues were spotted around the school… which traditional tale could they be from? Which one will we be learning about this half term? See if you can work it out!

Children’s Mental Health Week


Our focus this week was on caring and positive relationships. We read stories and discussed how we can care for our planet, each other and ourselves and how this can create positive relationships. We used the quotes pictured below as our inspiration, and finally took some time to reflect on our week and how we can continue this moving forward. Some of us found meditation a really useful tool!

The Great Fire of London day!


We had a very exciting first day back. We had a visit from the museum and we got to take part in lots of activities. We dressed up as important people from the Great Fire such as Samuel Pepys and King Charles the Third. We made a human chain to transfer water from one place to another and also had a go at using a quill and ink. After this, our classroom became Thomas Farriner’s bakery and we made our very own bread!

What is it like to be an ice explorer?


We have been exploring the Antarctic! To help us learn all about it, we had a visit from Oliver the penguin. Each day he has brought us a different fact about Antarctica or penguins. We put these together to create a display of all our new learning.

Water cycle investigation


We have been investigating the water cycle. We have created our own ‘water cycle in a bag!’ We will observe them over time and see if we can see any evaporation or condensation.

Seasonal village walk


We headed out around the village for an autumnal walk. We made a note of, and collected what inspired us and we will be using this in our poetry soon, inspired by Samuel Taylor Coleridge who lived in Nether Stowey 250 years ago!

Watercolour weather!


We learnt different skills and techniques for using watercolours. We learnt how to mix them, and how to create the appearance of different weathers, such as rain. We then used these skills to create some weather images – take a look at our gallery of work!

Autumn Maths


We have been counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. We took our learning out into the sunshine to practice, and play some maths games… how many different multiples could we find?

Weather Data


We have started collecting data about the weather each day. We will do this for two weeks, and then we will create pictograms in our computing lesson to find out which type of weather has been the most common. We are hoping it might be sunshine, or snow!

A World of Weather!


In our topic this term, we are finding out about the weather! We are looking at the seasonal changes, exploring how the weather and seasons are different across the world and discovering all about the water cycle through our science and geography lessons. We have also been building up our colour mixing skills ready to create some storm paintings!

Our new book is ‘The Rhythm of the Rain’ and we have been making story predictions, exploring different settings and using it to help us understand the water cycle.

First week back!


We have had a great first week in Ash Class.

We have created our class charter and voted for our new school councillors – linked to the British Value of democracy.

We have been looking at the book ‘Five Bears’ all about friendship and have been thinking about how to be a good friend to others.