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Year 2 & 3 - Ash

We are Ash Class

Welcome to our class page. The adults working in Ash Class this year will be Miss Gallimore - teacher and Miss Harris - Teaching Assistant.

Mrs Holt received a letter from a neighbour today saying they could see lots of strange sparkly objects in forest school and could she send a class to investigate. We stopped handwriting straight away and went down and found 92 sparkly objects! When we got back to class we wrote some of our ideas down about; what they could be, where they came from and what might happen to them. We have also put some in different places to see if anything magical will happen. Some are in water, some are on the radiator, we put some in the freezer and we even chucked some out of the window like the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We can't wait to see what happens next.

Forest School


We had a fantastic time down in Forest School. We walked through the stream, made fishing rods and made bug hotels.


On Friday some of us also made bug hotels on the field during play time.



After tasting some pumpkin puree we all wrote a sentence or phrase about pumpkins. In groups we then worked together to order them and make a poem.



Last term we started making papier-mache planets. We have finally been able to paint and finish them today. :)

Space Food


We were able to try some astronaut food yesterday! We were all very brave and tried most of it. We tried chicken curry, chilli con carne, beef jerky, ice-cream and strawberries. Some of us liked it all and some of us only liked the desert.

Space Day


We had some fantastic outfits for dress-up day!



We used a star projector and a moon light to pretend we were looking up at the sky and seeing lots of constellations. It was very fun!



We have been looking at light and dark using the blindfold goggles and torches.



We have been writing poems this week based on an activity. We have taken a photo of every child's work so you can have a read. I think they are all fantastic!

Forest School


We had lots of fun at forest school making things.

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