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Year 3 & 4- Willow

Welcome to Willow Class. 


Mr Bryant- Class Teacher    Mrs Schoeman- Class Teaching Assistant   


Today (25.4) we introduced our new topic about the Anglo Saxons. We went down to the forest school area where the children worked individually, in pairs or small groups to create their own Anglo Saxon house. They have come up with some fantastic ideas. We will revisit this task near the end of the topic and see if they are any different. I was very pleased with the fantastic team work and positive language used throughout the task.


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This term, we have been focusing on dance. The children have spent time learning about poses, formations and transitions. This has come together in a 1 minute performance in a small group. We were able to perform to Ash Class on Tuesday.
Below are the recordings of each performance for you to enjoy.


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Today (23-3), we have taken our first look at fractions in Willow Class. We used a range of resources and allowed children to explore. They could then add key words onto the whiteboard for others to try and use in their own conversations.

We recently investigated what happens when a solid melts and when a liquid evaporates. We carried out an observation to see what processes take place. We were able to spot a gas turning backing to a liquid as well. The steam from the water condensates onto the cling film and the heat from below melted the ice on to the top of the cling film.

We helped some of the gas build up before we released it from fizzy drinks.

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We have all turned in to Scientists this term just in time for Science Week. We have been focusing on states of matter which is a gas, liquid or solid. First we looked at gas. From our initial discussion most of the class decided that it had no weight. Our test involved weighing some fizzy drinks and then realising some of the gas inside and then weighing again. We then repeated the process. We came to conclusion that gas does in fact have a weight.

Traditional Tales Week. The first week back this term we looked at traditional tales which coincided with World Book Day. We looked at tales such as, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk and Hansel and Gretel. Our main focus was to look at these tales from the point of view from a different character in the story. We looked at similarities and differences and discussed how our perception of the story changed based on who was telling it. 


It turns out that the giant was fed up with Jack constantly constantly knocking on his door and stealing valuables from him. 


It was great deciding how villain of the story can change because it was told from a different point of view. 

All about the Romans! Here are a range of photos from our Roman topic last term. We spent some time organising major events in to chronological order, we looked at significant achievements of the Romans such as the roads they built and had a go at making our own out of some different ingredients. You should be able to see 4/5 layers in the cups. We also spent sometime at the beginning and the end of term looking at what artefacts have been left behind for us to discover and had a go at making our Roman coil pots.

Maths and Harvest. Here are a selection of photos of some of the children's math work for comparing and ordering numbers, Roman numerals and some of their wonderful harvest pictures.

We were supposed to have a new student join us today. They have mysteriously disappeared down in the forest school area leaving behind some clues. Hopefully the book will give us a bit more information.

On Tuesday, we found out how our food ends up in the toilet. After eating a biscuit, the children drew the journey they thought their biscuit would take. Once completed, we looked at each part of our digestive system all while recreating it with a pair of tights, biscuits, bananas, orange juice and few other resources. The end result was a hilarious or gross lesson depending on your point of view. Children showed their understanding by using scientific vocabulary and creating another, more accurate, picture of their biscuit's journey.

Welcome to Willow Class!


This half term, we will be focusing on Ancient Britain. You can find out more about this in our class news letter which will be sent out shortly. 


Willow Class will have P.E on a Monday afternoon and a Thursday afternoon. Both of these session are at the end of the day so the children will wear their P.E kit home so we can make the most of our lesson time. Please make sure your child has their kit on those days. 

Your P.E. sessions this term are Football and Netball. 


Home will be set on Thursday and expected to be handed in on Tuesday. If it is handed in late, it may not be marked. Part of your homework each week is to read three times and record this in your reading record and to learn your spellings. 


I will update the website fortnightly, so please check back to see what we have been up to in class.