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Year 4 & 5 – Maple

Welcome to our class page. 

Mrs Bowditch and Mrs Schoeman

Please use the link above (class newsletter) to see what were are learning this term.

Meet our School Councillors - Olivia and Isaac

Our councillors were elected by their peers and we linked this with the British value of democracy. 

We have been using drama in English to immerse ourselves into our new book. We have acted out a scene from the book and noted down what we think our characters would be thinking and feeling.

Our new topic about the Victorians starts with our book - Street Child

Art - we have been learning about different artists and how they use colour to evoke feelings. We have also looked at how they use their imagination and creativity. The children are then using this to create their own dream rooms.

Moon Phases - We have been learning about the different phases of the moon.

We have been using counters to help us find square numbers.

Space! Autumn 2 has started off with a visit from the Explorer Dome where the children were introduced to our topic.

Our D&T subject this half term was structures. We analysed different castles and their suitability. We looked at how stable and secure they were. Then, we experimented with 3D shapes and their nets before creating our own structures: castles!

Maths! We have just started our new learning about addition. Here we are learning how to add two 4-digit numbers using the column method. We started with place value columns and counters and progressed to using the formal written method.

Computing! As well as learning how to use the internet safely, we have also been learning about programming. Using scratch, we have learnt about variables and algorithms and how to use them.

Viking Britain! We discovered the Vikings never settled in Somerset. That remained in the hands of the Anglo-Saxons.

We have been learning about the different reasons the Vikings came to Britain. Did you know Vikings didn't really have horns on their helmets!

D&T - we have been designing castles. To do this, we have had to look at 3D shapes and their nets.

Roman Numerals - We have learnt that numbers can be represented in lots of different ways. One of those ways is Roman Numerals.