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Year 4 & 5 – Maple

Welcome to our class page. 

Mrs Bowditch, Mrs Prescott, Mrs Mudd and Miss Green

Somerset Day! Flag of Somerset.

Boris Snowball the elf has been making a mess!

We have been learning about Anglo-Saxon settlements: How they built their houses, where they would settle (like near a water source) and what they would have in their villages. Below are models of a Saxon village. We made the huts using papier mache.

Another visitor has turned up in Maple class. This is Boris (named by the children). He helped us learn about where the Anglo-Saxon tribes came from by visiting another country before coming to us and giving us clues for where he had been.

Making stick people and rafts. I challenged the class to make stick people and rafts for them to float on down the stream. We had lots of fun! The rafts worked really well.

Children in need

Lest we forget

A little visitor - Tinkerbell the tortoise