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Year 5 & 6 - Beech Class

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This half-term, our topic will be "The Romans". We will investigate their empire and their role in the history of Britain. It will provide us with the opportunity for drama and non-fiction writing. During the topic we will visit The Museum of Somerset and undertake activities linked to the Romans. We will get the opportunity to see, and handle, Roman artefacts found in Somerset. 


Our P.E topics this term will be swimming and football.


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Our school council representatives, for this year. 
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To start our topic on The Romans, we researched their army. This gave us the chance to research, design and make armour. We followed this with a morning as part of a Roman legion: marching, building roads, building forts, training and taking part in battles!
At Nether Stowey, we love being active. Cyclocross is something we do every year on the school field. 
In science, we are undertaking investigations. Anemometers provided us with a chance of improving our ability to write hypotheses.
We researched, designed and then made Roman artefacts.