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Year 5 & 6 - Beech Class

Update 20-4-20

Starting from Monday 20th April, Beech Class will be following daily work from White Rose Maths and Hamilton Trust for maths and English. I would still like children to sign into their Google Classroom account each morning and I will put instructions and links to the work on there.


The biggest issue is how children are able to submit their work to me so that I can mark it and give them feedback. Therefore, below, I have listed three possible ways this can be done.


1. If you have a printer, you could print off the tasks/worksheets and when they are completed, you could upload a picture of them to me (on Google Classroom).

2. If you do not have a printer, you could view the worksheet on your computer screen and write your answers on a sheet of paper, then take a picture of the paper and upload a picture to me (on Google Classroom).

3. You could view the worksheet on your computer and write the answers directly onto a Google Doc and then submit that to me.


I will also put other work e.g. for science etc on Google Classroom at different times. 


Please remmeber, if you get stuck or are having trouble, you can message me on Google Classroom and I will respond with the best possible help I can. 


I hope everyone is well, and I look forward to seeing you soon.


Mr Meaker

Above is an example of our class timetable for a week. It is to give you an idea of the lessons we do. I do not expect you to do all of these lessons; it would be impossible. I am aiming to start by putting writing, reading and maths work on each day, with the occasional other subject thrown in. Once we see how this is working, we will aim to refine the work, amount of work and type of activities set.

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Important notice: I would like to use Google Classroom in order to set work for the children and give them feedback. We have practised doing this in class and it will require the children signing into their google account (which is accessed from the Google homepage and the waffle in the top right of the screen) and then Google Classroom. If they can not remember their username and/or password, please e-mail the school and we will e-mail it to you. I hope this will be a successful way in which to keep children's learning in English and maths on track. It will also allow the children to communicate any issues they have with the work, to me.

I anticipate putting the first pieces of work in Google Classroom on Monday 23rd March.


Your child's username will be their first name and then the initial of their surname, followed by   For someone called John Smith, it would be:




Mr Meaker


Dear Parents/Guardians,


With the closure of schools now confirmed, I wanted to inform you of the areas we were due to cover in the next two weeks. This will allow you to select activities according to this, from the number of websites that are offering access to work.


Maths: we were due to revise our written methods in the four operations. A particular focus was going to be placed on multiplying and dividing by two-digit numbers.

We were then going to look at shapes. This includes revision of 2D and 3D shapes (their names and properties e.g. amount of sides, vertices and edges). We would then look at the calculation of internal and external angles of shapes.


Writing: we were going to look at the use of adverbials in time and place to link sentences and paragraphs.

Identifying and using relative clauses within our writing.


Reading: we were due to look at authors' choice of language and the impact of this on the reader e.g. how similes and metaphors used create images in the reader's mind and why they are appropriate.

We were also going to practise making predictions about what was going to happen next in stories and supporting these with reasons and quotes from the text.


Year 6 may well have their revision books which will help them to keep key skills fresh.


Recent newsletters from the school have mentioned many websites that are allowing access to resources. One of these is Twinkl, and this can be used to get activities for your child which will allow them to use skills already taught. This will help to consolidate skills and ensure that they are fresh when we return to school.


Please ensure that your child finds time to read regularly and spends time recalling their times tables. If you have the time, please ask them to explain their knowledge of times tables to you e.g. commutativity, inverse and related facts. They will enjoy showing off their knowledge and it will help them to consolidate their learning. In their homework folder they have a list of the year5/6 spellings and a grammar passport which will help them recall and consolidate word types and clauses.


Finally, Beech Class have practised using Google Classroom to access work, which I can then mark and give them feedback on. I hope to use this at certain times, but up-dates on this will be posted here and/or sent out in e-mails from the school.


I hope to see everyone very soon.


Best wishes,


Mr Meaker


This half-term, our topic will be: Aspiring Authors. We will begin with English week, when all classes in the school will focus on traditional tales. We will progress from this by looking at less known aspects of being an author, such as researching time periods and locations. We will also look at illustrating stories and the process of publicising new books.


Our P.E topics this term will be dance and gymnastics.


For more information, please read the parents' newsletter, which is attached above.  


Check this page for regular up-dates of our work and adventures!

Have you seen the Kids’ Zone? Play games and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites.

Our school council representatives, for this year. 
Picture 1
We have been looking at fossils as part of our work in science, therefore, we became paleontologists and excavated fossils ourselves. 
Beech Class undertook a workshop about The Gunpowder Plot. The children wrote warning notes, looked at artefacts from the time and created "explosive" artwork. 
For our work on "Sensational Scientists" we visited a real scientist at his laboratory! He showed us lots of exciting things you can do, if you know a little about science. 
Lots of our English work has been based around the book, "The Journey" and we have enjoyed examining the illustrations in the book and making inferences about the characters' feelings and motives. 
Nether Stowey pupils recently took part in a cyclo-cross event. We finished first and progress to the county finals. Well done everyone!
In Beech Class, we love art. We spend time improving our skills, before putting them together within landscape drawings, or portraits. 
As part of our work on Romans, we designed and built catapults, visited the museum to see Roman artefacts and tasted Roman food.
At Nether Stowey, we love being active. Cyclocross is something we do every year on the school field. 
In science, we are undertaking investigations. Anemometers provided us with a chance of improving our ability to write hypotheses.
We researched, designed and then made Roman artefacts.