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Meet the staff

Picture 1 Mr. Terry Luke, Deputy Head/SENCO/Holly Class
Picture 2 Mr. Jordan Meaker, SLT, Beech Class teacher
Picture 3 Miss Catrin Davies, SLT, Oak Class teacher
Picture 4 Miss Phoebe Davies, Maple Class teacher
Picture 5 Mr. Mike Bryant, Willow Class teacher
Picture 6 Miss Sophie Gallimore, Ash Class teacher
Picture 7 Mr. Ben Kirk, Sports Coach
Picture 8 Mrs. Lesley Ball, Oak Class Teaching Assistant
Picture 9 Miss Vic Green, Willow Class Teaching Assistant
Picture 10 Mrs. Jo Gardner, Holly Class Teaching Assistant
Picture 11 Mrs. Kirsty Dear, SEND teaching Assistant
Picture 12 Mrs. Angela Mills, SEND Teaching Assistant
Picture 13 Mrs. Louise Satchell, Willow Teaching Assistant
Picture 14 Mrs. Linda Mudd, Ash & Oak Teaching Assistant
Picture 15 Mrs. Carly Hitchcock, TA & Wraparound Lead
Picture 16 Mrs. Di Prescott, Ash Class Teaching Assistant
Picture 17 Mrs. Angela Scarrott, Beech Teaching Assistant
Picture 18 Miss Emma Harris, TA & Wraparound Support
Picture 19 Mrs. Heather Hillman, School Finance Officer
Picture 20 Mrs. Tracey Villis, Wraparound Assistant
Picture 21 Mrs. Lynn Forsey, Midday Supervisor
Picture 22 Mrs. Kate Schoeman, Midday Supervisor
Picture 23 Mrs. Liz Villis, Midday Supervisor
Picture 24 Carole Harris, School Library
Picture 25 Mrs. Julie Buller, Cook
Picture 26 Mrs. Tracey Sayer, Cook
Picture 27 Mrs. Liz Nolan, Head Cook
Picture 1 Joy Chiplin & Coco the Pets As Therapy (PAT) dog